Dialysis & Apheresis Facility in the Royal Corner of Bavaria            Phone  +49 8362 940 180       Fax +49 8362 940 115       info@dialyse-fuessen.de

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Site and Directions to the Dialysis Center (Google Map)

Füssen and Surroundings (Google Map)

South of Bavaria/Austria including Füssen (Google Map)

You will find the Dialysis Center by the symboll  . The link also shows up with a route planner..

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Schloß Neuschwanstein
Seespitz am Weisensee
Blick über den Hopfensee
Füssener Bergblick
Hopfensee Webcams
Breitenberg und Pfronten
Neunerköpfle Tannheim


View over the lakes of Fuessen   The Fuessen mountains from the air