Medical Treatment and Facilities

Dialysezentrum im Königswinkel,    Phone +49 8362 940 180,    Fax +49 8362 940 115

Dialysis treatments are to be performed using Nikkiso Dialysis equipment, the electrolyte baths are supplied in an individualized manner, the water purifications reverse osmosis system is optimized for deadspace avoidance to preventing the development of pyrogens.  We  offer all dialysis procedures including CAPD as well as Apheresis techniques.

Continuous surveillance is granted by automated blood pressure monitoring, staff in the same room and presence of a nephrologist. All essential labs are done by the unit itself.

The close cooperation with the clinical departments offers a wide range also of non-nephrologic medical options and renders an high level of safety for the individual patient.

Each seat has access to Sat-TV, WLAN and radio. Snacks and beverages are available any time.  80% of all Fuessen lodgings are located within a radius of 1.5 miles around the center with no need to pass across the city traffic. The closest holiday appartment park is just next door.

The clinic of Fuessen is located under the same roof. It features a first class cardiology, the catheter lab, MRI, ICU, stroke unit and chest pain unit are barely 100 ft away from our treatment rooms at the same floor. Demers catheters and radiologic vessel interventions are performed by the clinic, cooperation with several shunt surgery departments is granted.

We cooperate with both of the Transplantation Centres of Munich and of Augsburg and accept posttransplant care patients.

The dialysis center offers nephrologic and dialysis care as well as it is specialized on lipid disorders and internal diseases. The doctor in charge is also a flight surgeon with an Aeromedical Center attached to his office designated by the German Luftfahrtbundesamt as well as by the Federal Aviation Administration/USA. He engaged in helicopter mountain rescue and emergency medicine for many years and also was in charge for sportsmedical care a national team. The staff undergoes regular professional training to keep in pace with the most recent developments in dialysis medicine.  A medical standby service is available thorughout 24 hours.

Dialysezentrum im Königswinkel

Dr. Robert Betz

Facharzt für Innere Medizin, Dialyse

 Sportmedizin, Flugmedizin, Fachkunde Rettungsmedizin

Stadtbleiche 1    -    D-87629 F ü s s e n


Phone +49 8362 940 180   -   Fax +49 8362 940 115