Registration for dialysis or apheresis treaments

To enroll for dialysis treatments, You may either notify us by phone  (+49 8362 940 180), by fax (+49 8362 940 115) or by e-mail ( or by using the form attached below.

You will receive a confirmation of Your request and a reservation for the treatments booked. Please have Your home dialysis center transmit Your medical reports including all diagnoses, recent findings, current medications, special problems if existing and Your current dialysis prescription. Please have Your center include a recent serologic status concerning hepatitis and HIV. At latest 2 weeks before Your arrival, we will inform You about the exact starting time of the dialysis sessions for the shift You have selected.

Treatment is not restricted to prior enrollment, but prior information is highly encouraged to assist us in organizing the workflow. We accept holiday dialysis patients during all seasons.

Upon request, we will send You a center leaflet as well as descriptive material of the area.

If there are additional questions left, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone +49 8362 940 180.

Enjoy Your holiday preparations and have a good trip!